Teaching Experience

Classroom Experience:

My current teaching experience includes the following

  • I was a guest teacher for the IMPACT group in the BYU Department of Mathematics, teaching a weekly seminar on parallel programming with MPI.
  • I was a guest teacher the BYU Macro Group in the Department of Economics. I taught a weeks worth of material on MPI and other topics in parallel computing This was part a two course, three credits each, “Computational Economics Boot Camp”: Math 513R and Econ 413R. I taught 6 hours of class time and another few hours of lab time.

Teaching Material I have developed:

Here I have included some resources that I wrote or developed for my teaching and for other uses:

  • A Python Introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI.  A short introduction and tutorial to distributed memory computing with Python. Although HPC projects should usually be written in faster, compiled languages, like C or Fortran, Python is an excellent tool for algorithm development and proof of concept. This is especially true in parallel programming, where code becomes especially complex.
  • BYU Macro Lab: Parallel Programming Unit. Materials page for the parallel programming section of the BYU Summer Macro Group “Computational Economics Boot Camp.” Click here it link to the “Boot Camp” main course page.